How to Write a Compelling Blog Headline That Guarantees Clickthroughs

Blogging, Content Creation, Tools and Techniques
Across search engines and/or Pinterest, what is the first thing you notice about the search results? What compels you to pick a particular blog post? Is it the image and its styling? Is it the author/website’s name? Is it the headline or title? In most cases, it has to be the headline. Here’s why: You query the search engine for specific information. By default, the search engine result pages (SERP) display the most relevant results for your search query. That means within each page, it now comes down to the competition among all the listings. Now, you will either default to viewing the results top-down, i.e. in the order the search engine displays the results or you will pick the result that aligns closest with your requirements the most. This alignment comes from…
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How to create 10 blog posts from just one idea | FREE 300+ blog post ideas

Blogging, Content Creation
You started blogging with great intentions. You started with a bang and in the process exhausted all of your awesome ideas. Now, a few weeks in, you are struggling to come up with topic ideas. That spells trouble for anyone with true intentions of blogging professionally. Or, perhaps you are great with ideation. You are religiously publishing a new post every week. Now, you want to ramp up your publishing schedule and publish more blog posts every week. Even if you don’t see yourself as either of the above examples, it’s always good to have a list of ideas to work with. So, what can you do to come up with more and more ideas? Sure, you have to use the tried-and-tested techniques (Google Keyword Planner, Pinterest search bar, BuzzSumo,…
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