TED Talks: 5 More Inspirational Talks You Should Watch

Inspiration, Wellness
Way back in June 2017, I had posted a list of 5 inspirational TED Talks. That post is still my highest traffic source. I had no idea it would attract so many readers. But then it dawned on me that the post is so popular because it has met its objective--to motivate others. The scope of that post, of course, was very broad because it could be a motivator for anyone and everyone and not just my niche audience. After all, each one of us needs a dose of inspiration every now and then. Between our work responsibilities and family responsibilities, most of have very little time left for self-care. I do not mean the self-care that involves long showers and relaxing massages, or just 30 minutes alone time without…
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5 Tips to Have an Amazing Morning Routine…Every Day!

Productivity, Routines, Wellness
Enough has been said about the importance of having a good morning routine. Routines are something I seek and test out very frequently. Mommy routine, morning routine, evening routine, cleaning routine, fitness routine...the list goes on and on. The reason I am so interested in routines is I want to learn how to simplify and/or better my life. Some of these "hacks" work for me, some don't. But try I will. So today, my friends, I bring to you my current morning routine and why you should consider adopting it too. Now, first things first: this post is purely focussed on incorporating "health" in your morning routine. And for that reason, it will not tell you to make your bed, throw a load of laundry, make your To-Do list, or…
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TED Talks: Top 5 Inspirational Talks You Should Watch

Mood, Wellness
Ok! Let's begin with a confession. I am addicted to YouTube. I spend a couple of hours on YouTube every day, mostly watching auditions of singing or talent-based reality shows, or I watch mom bloggers (or vloggers, in YT slang). It's my way of decompressing. Now, most days, I go through the videos guilt-free, but often I talk myself out of it. While YouTube indeed is a great source of entertainment, I find it lacking in content that is educational. Enter TED Talk. Now, for those of you who have never seen a TED video, here's the deal: TED is an annual conference where influencers from various fields share their experiences, learnings, and visions. Given the popularity of the original conference, nowadays, several local bodies and institutions are hosting their own scaled-down version. This…
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5 Things to be Grateful For Every Day + Free 31 Days Worth of Gratitude Prompts!

Gratitude, Wellness
Earlier this week, I traveled with my son to visit some relatives in another city. It was a tough trip for me because, throughout the four-hour-long journey (one way), my almost-four-year-old son was fidgety and wanted attention (my husband couldn't join us due to work deadlines). Now, if you are a parent or a caregiver, I am sure you understand how exhausting it is to entertain a child for four hours continuously while on the road and then again for two days+nights and another four-hour journey back home. I was ready to pull my hair out several times during this trip. But in the end, the only thing that stopped me in my tracks was reminding myself about the purpose of our visit. You see, I am at an age…
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Sleep Faster and Better: Top 5 Tips for Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

Rest, Routines, Wellness
Hello, sleepyhead! What's keeping you awake? A newborn baby, too much coffee, a high-profile impending presentation, a thousand emotions bottled up inside of you? Or perhaps, you lay awake reflecting on the past, or worrying about the future. No matter what your reason is, we need to address it. Because you know, sleep deprivation is not only a hindrance to your daily productivity but it can also affect your health and wellness in an adverse manner. Studies reveal that not getting enough sleep over an extended period of time can lead to serious health issues, including high blood pressure and heart attack. 5 Tips to Sleep Faster and Better So, what should you do? I have listed five tips you should try for faster and better sleep. Add Physical Exercise to Your…
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Water: The Life-changing Magic of Drinking Up!

Nutrition, Wellness
Back in school, we all learned that our planet comprises 70% water (though with the whole global warming threat, I wonder what the percentage shift will be 10 years from now). It's a sweet irony that the inhabitants of this wonderful blue planet--humans--are also made up of primarily water. Water is not only the main constituent of cells and tissues in our bodies, it is also present in various life organs, such as the brain, the heart, the lungs, and the kidneys. Water is what helps flush out the toxins from your body; it is what helps keep your brain ticking. Why Drink Water? Don't you think water must be somewhat of a magic potion? Well, guess what--it is! Studies have established the benefits of hydrating our bodies on a regular…
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How to be a Morning Person: Top 5 Tips

Productivity, Time Management, Wellness
Running late every morning? Need some alone time to meditate in the morning? Well, it’s time to become a morning person by waking up just a little bit earlier and use that time to not only get more things done but also to achieve wellness. But not every one of us is a morning person. I know I am not. I used to be, but I fell into the habit of waking up later and later during my pregnancy. But nature has a way of whipping you back in shape. There were things I wanted to do for myself -- like enjoy that morning cup of coffee (very important!) and sit quietly for 30 minutes before my toddler woke up and demanded all of my time for the rest of the…
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