How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Site

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Post synopsis: Worried about high bounce rate on your website? You can reduce the rate by making your readers check out more content on your website. This post explores some simple tips to improve your bounce rate. You have a lot to share on your blog. Perhaps you want to share professional tips or nuggets of personal growth. Perhaps you want to share about your travels or your beauty hacks. Perhaps, you want to share your family recipes. And you work very hard at not only creating solid content that is SEO-friendly but also promoting it social media platforms. Your page views are going up but somehow so is your bounce rate. This worries you. You Well, here’s the good news. High bounce rate does not necessarily mean readers are…
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All About Advertising Banners and Advertisement Networks

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Until a few years ago, displaying advertisement banners on blogs or websites was the primary source of income for most mommy bloggers. Banners would be found pasted across the header, footer, sidebar, within the post...basically, they would take up all the available white space on a website. What made them even more jarring to the eyes was that the advertisements were of poor design (color, font, etc.). Even today most websites (both personal and business) show advertisement banners that are either static and unobtrusive (such as text ad on the sidebar) or dynamic and intrusive (such as pop-ups, exit intents, etc.). Visit any online news website and you will know. But advertisement banners have come a long way. Not only have the aesthetics improved but the content is more targeted…
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How to Promote Your Content (and Not Just on Social Media)

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You have created an awesome piece of content--be it a blog post, a video, or a podcast episode--but no one knows about it. Not until you put it out for others to see it. For a new blogger, getting organic traffic is mostly unheard of. That’s because ranking on search engine result pages takes a lot of hard work and time. While you improve your SEO skills, you need to find other places to promote your content and attract blog traffic. For those of you who downloaded the Boost Your SEO Cheat Sheet, you would have noticed that promoting your content on social media platform plays a huge role in getting your brand name out there. But, blog promotion is hard work. You are competing with hundreds of, if not…
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How to Exclude Your Own Visits from Google Analytics

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It is natural for new bloggers to check their traffic on Google Analytics very often. I know I used to check my numbers every few hours (bad habit—don’t do it!). As bloggers and website owners, we want our message to reach as many people as possible. This not only helps your brand endorsement but also pushes you up on search engine result pages (SERPs) as well as builds your portfolio for sponsored opportunities. Moreover, for bloggers who monetize their website using third-party display advertisements, page views are paramount to their earning. This is why page views are such a sought-after number in the digital content world. Related Reading: How to write a compelling blog headline that guarantees clickthroughs But did you know that unless you tell Google Analytics to exclude your…
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