How Bloggers Make Money: Sponsored Content

Blogging, Content Creation, Monetization, Sponsored Content
Post synopsis: Are you a blogger who wants to make money online? Creating sponsored content is a great way of earning an income from your website. This post explores the ins and outs of finding sponsored blogging opportunities and creating sponsored content.  You know how I got addicted to YouTube? By watching beauty videos! That was some 8-9 years ago and online influencers and niche gurus were becoming a real thing. Beauty channels were especially huge on both YouTube and Google. Lifestyle blogs were making an appearance but all they posted really were “What’s my makeup routine?” “What’s in my bag?” “What’s my evening skincare routine?” etc. How many of you have watched Michelle Phan and Elle Fowler videos--the numero-uno beauty gurus of their time? You would know why it…
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