How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Site

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Post synopsis: Worried about high bounce rate on your website? You can reduce the rate by making your readers check out more content on your website. This post explores some simple tips to improve your bounce rate. You have a lot to share on your blog. Perhaps you want to share professional tips or nuggets of personal growth. Perhaps you want to share about your travels or your beauty hacks. Perhaps, you want to share your family recipes. And you work very hard at not only creating solid content that is SEO-friendly but also promoting it social media platforms. Your page views are going up but somehow so is your bounce rate. This worries you. You Well, here’s the good news. High bounce rate does not necessarily mean readers are…
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How to Design an Amazing Sales Page for Your Next Big Launch!

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Post Synopsis: A powerful (i.e. highly-converting) sales page is made up of two things: a good copy and a good (visual) design + layout. Without one or the other, your sales page will fall flat. In this post, you will understand what makes for a good copy and a good design when it comes to a designing a sales page. Last week, I introduced you to the characteristics of an effective sales page. This week, I want to introduce you to the components that make up an effective sales page, i.e. how to design a sales page. Broadly, these components fall into two categories--text and design. The text (a.k.a. the copy) is the story of you and your product or service. The design is how you organize the story to…
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