How to Create a Wallet-wooing Sales Page

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Post Synopsis: Your sales page is the window to your amazing product. It is what will help potential customers decide if they want to invest in your product or service. This post explains how to write an effective and persuasive sales page that converts potential clients into paying clients. Who among you started a blog but has no plans of ever monetizing it? Nobody? Thought as much. So, what’s your plan for monetizing your website? Earn from advertising banners? Market affiliate products/services? Create sponsored content? If any or all of these strategies are your chosen strategy for monetization, this post is not for you. But, if you want to create and sell your own products and/or services, stick around. Think about the last course or eBook you bought from your…
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How to Create a High-Converting Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

Blogging, Content Creation, Marketing & Sales, Tools and Techniques
Post Synopsis: A call-to-action (CTA) button is an integral part of blogging endeavor. It helps build engagement, invites responses and shares, opens communication channels, and builds your email list. This post explores the characteristics of a high-converting CTA button. You started a blog and you are investing hours upon hours of your life to create fabulous blog posts and very relevant content upgrades to go with the posts. Your email list is growing...but at a snail’s pace. You are creating fantastic mini-courses or worksheets for a nominal price and hoping someone will make a purchase. You are earning from your products...but not enough to even pay for weekly grocery. You waited patiently for your cat to do something fun, recorded it, and posted it on YouTube. Funny cat videos are…
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How Bloggers Make Money: Sell Products and Services

Blogging, Monetization, Products & Services
Post Synopsis: Nothing feels more entrepreneurial than creating and selling your own products and services, such as eCourses, workbooks, freelance writing, etc. This post explores the fundamentals of creating and making money from your own products and services. What’s your greatest joy when it comes to being a blogger? I bet sharing your knowledge with others is one of the top answers. But you also want to make money out of it, right? As part of the How Bloggers Make Money series, I have already discussed three ways to monetize your website: Advertisement banners Sponsored posts Affiliate marketing But there’s only so much you can earn from the aforementioned methods. Consider this: some bloggers claim to be making a full-time income from these methods, especially affiliate marketing. They promote really…
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How Bloggers Make Money: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Monetization, Start a blog, Tools and Techniques
Post Synopsis: Do you want to make money online by joining affiliate marketing programs? Do you want to know which are the top paying affiliate programs? Do you wish you were also earning a full-time income just like that famous blogger you admire? This post explores how you can start making money from top affiliate marketing programs. Have you ever come across bloggers or YouTubers talking about an awesome product they have tried and want you to purchase it too using their link? It could be a book, a course, a camera--anything really. Sometimes, the creator will even throw in a discount code for you to at the time of checkout. That’s affiliate marketing. A majority of people (not brands) start blogs because it’s one of the cheapest businesses to…
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