How to Promote Your Content (and Not Just on Social Media)

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You have created an awesome piece of content--be it a blog post, a video, or a podcast episode--but no one knows about it. Not until you put it out for others to see it. For a new blogger, getting organic traffic is mostly unheard of. That’s because ranking on search engine result pages takes a lot of hard work and time. While you improve your SEO skills, you need to find other places to promote your content and attract blog traffic. For those of you who downloaded the Boost Your SEO Cheat Sheet, you would have noticed that promoting your content on social media platform plays a huge role in getting your brand name out there. But, blog promotion is hard work. You are competing with hundreds of, if not…
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How to Reuse Old Blog Posts

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We all have just come out of an extremely busy season. The first quarter of every year promises to be as busy. During such time-strapped periods, you feel drained out and it takes a lot to motivate yourself. As a result, often your work commitments fall by the wayside. But you don’t want to let go of those commitments. It is essential to keep your audience connected to you and your brand throughout the year. And especially during the busy times because your existing audience is going through the same motions and is looking for support. Additionally, there are a lot of new people looking to start something new. Again, they need inspiration and motivation. So how do you ensure you are still putting up quality posts even when you…
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Free Resource: Boost Your SEO Cheat Sheet

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If you have been around in the blogosphere for even a month, you would have surely heard about the term “search engine optimization,” or SEO. That is for a reason. In the long run, your SEO is what will carry your blog. Look, there is no denying the popularity of social media platforms in promoting your website. My highest traffic comes from Facebook. But with every week, I am starting to notice an increase in the number of organic searches. That’s my SEO tree bearing fruits. I want to help you grow your blog as I grow my own. SEO requires a rather broad skill set to master. I, obviously, am no master. Nonetheless, whatever little I do so far, I am sharing those strategies with you in the cheat…
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