How to Increase Your Blog’s Readability Score

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Have you heard of the term 'readability score'? Perhaps back in school, you were asked to write an essay or a report with a certain readability score. Well, what you learn in school doesn't stay in school. As a blogger, you must ensure that your content is on par with your audience's level of experience and literacy. Your content should NOT be too easy for your readers to understand because they will then undervalue your expertise. At the same time, it should NOT be too challenging because it will turn off your readers and add no value to their lives. If you have never heard about the term 'readability,' it is a measurement system for your content. Based on several parameters, the system assigns a score.  The Flesch–Kincaid readability measuring…
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How to Make Your Blog Images Rank Higher on Search Engine Result Pages

Blogging, SEO, Tools and Techniques
All links prefixed with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. Any purchase you make by clicking these links will earn me a small commission but will not cost you anything extra. For more details, please read my Disclosure Policy. Let’s begin with a fun fact about me: *I LOVE PLANNERS! I am somewhat obsessed with them. My latest obsession is the *bullet journal system. I mentioned in an earlier post that I am a new entrant in the bujo world. So, every other night, after I am done with all my chores, I sit and browse bullet journal inspirations. I type in “What’s in my bullet journal?” or something similar in the Google search bar. But I don’t search for text posts. I search for images (click the “Images” tab on…
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